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Zig-Zag Corner Quilts & Baskets LLC, an authorized BERNINA sewing machine dealer, offers sewing and quilting classes, fabrics, notions, and long arm quilting services! We service all brands of sewing machines!
We also teach shuttle tatting and needle tatting classes (lace art), embroidery, quilling (paper crafting technique), and basket making.
Zig-Zag Corner is your home for creativity and fun!

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A Quilt of Valor® is our award to Service Members and Veterans who have been touched by war.  It says, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.”

Quilts of Valor reflect the best possible workmanship and use of quality materials.  This is consistent with the Foundation’s core value of promoting excellence.

We are honored to be a QOV-registered shop!

You can donate a single 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" block (or many!) or an entire quilt top to this effort! 
The recommended size of a Quilt of Valor is 60″ x 80″; it must be a minimum of 55″ x 65″ and a maximum of 72″ x 90.
We recommend donating blocks or quilt tops (or entire completed quilts) over the summer so there's plenty of time for fall piecing/longarming/binding.
If you'd like to help piece donated blocks (or longarm or put on binding), please let us know!

NEW in 2024!
You're invited to join our NEW Patriotic Sewing Circle in support of Quilts of Valor! We will begin meeting at Zig-Zag Corner Quilts the 2nd Friday of each month from May to October (10:30 am - 4 pm). 

RSVP to save your seat for a 2nd Friday QOV meeting HERE. (Space is limited). Bring your machine and patriotic fabric. You may also reserve a classroom machine for $10 if you wish (please email us at to do so). Bring a sack lunch and join the fun in support of Veterans!

Sewing Circle members receive 20% off patriotic fabrics at our shop on this date. 
NOTE - We will have a link soon for businesses and individuals to donate to our local chapter under this 501c3 nonprofit organization, Quilts of Valor. This will help fund fabric/batting/backing. Typically, volunteers donate blocks, quilt tops, or entire quilts. We welcome business and other community donors who wish to provide assistance so all volunteers can participate and we can complete all of the quilts. We plan to post social media and website thank you messages and include business logos here on the website. We appreciate all supporters! Please email for more information (also, we can accept check donations payable to "Quilts of Valor". We will mail them to the QOV org with our group number so our chapter gets credit. We purchase the supplies at cost and get reimbursed through receipts/expense form (submitted to Quilts of Valor, national organization for our local chapter).

Thank you for helping honor our local Veterans with your time, talent, and/or generous donations! 

How to help - Choose Your Fabric and Patterns

1. Fabric used for a Quilt of Valor should be quality, 100% cotton fabric appropriate for adults.

2. A Quilt of Valor does not have to be red, white, and blue, but patriotic colors are very popular with recipients. 

3. Patterns and blocks can be of any design suitable for a patriotic theme. The QOV site has FREE PATTERNS.

4. Avoid juvenile, gender or branch-specific fabrics, unless the recipient is known to you.

Put It All Together

1. The recommended size of a Quilt of Valor is 60″ x 80″; it must be a minimum of 55″ x 65″ and a maximum of 72″ x 90.

2. The Quilt consists of a top, batting, and backing.  It must be machine or hand quilted. A tied quilt is not acceptable for a Quilt of Valor.

3. Backings provided to The LongArmy Volunteer must be 8″ wider in width and 8″ longer in length. (We can accept donated backing and be a part of the QOV "LongArmy Volunteer" effort).

4. Use quality, low-loft batting such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester, or polyester blends.  Quilting should be appropriate for the quilt and not overly dense, which can reduce the loft of the quilt.
5. Double fold, also known as French Fold, binding is recommended for durability. Hand stitch or neatly machine stitch binding.
6. A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such, and include the name of the veteran or service member. (We'll work with the local QOV group to assist as needed).

Donate Your QOV

There are many Veterans and Service Members all over the country who have been nominated and are awaiting their Quilt award.  Your help is needed!
We are accepting your donation drop-offs at Zig-Zag Corner Quilts.

Award Your QOV

1. A Quilt of Valor may be awarded to a Service Member or Veteran known to you who has been touched by war. Please verify with them that have not previously received a Quilt of Valor. Use the official website to nominate someone.
2. Recommendation - Machine launder the QOV using unscented, mild detergent to ensure any bleeding of fabric dyes has occurred. The use of a color catcher that attracts loose dye during washing is recommended.
3. A note, card, letter, or journal documenting the creation of the QOV may be presented to the recipient with the quilt.

All Quilts of Valor that you award on your own are to be reported through the Foundation’s website.  This ensures all Quilts and Recipients are counted and included in the QOV Mission. (NOTE - we prefer all local quilts be awarded through the local chapter of QOV. When you nominate someone in our area, that quilt is coordinated by the local group organizer. You can type in detailed notes when you nominate someone and ask the coordinator to contact you). 

 CLICK HERE to nominate a service member touched by war.

Browse our patriotic fabrics HERE.

No time to sew? Donate batting with a purchase HERE.