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Zig-Zag Corner Quilts & Baskets, LLC
Basket Weaving, Quilting, Quilling, Tatting Classes
We are here when you need us.  

What does a Quilt Store Owner do when she retires?  What does a Quilt Store Owner do when she realizes she still has bills to pay and kids to raise? 
  She follows her passion for creating! 

She promotes the Machines and tools that have helped her be Successful!

  She continues to teach the classes she loves!  And she continues to quilt!

We try to be in the studio Monday through Friday’s 10 am to 5 pm and several Saturday’s 10 am to 2 pm.  However, Jennifer continues to teach off site as well as continue as an EMT and Firefighter for our township Volunteer Fire Department.  So our best suggestion is to call before you drive a great distance or plan a trip.